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Video Game Controller Storage Holder Rack

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Video Game Controller Storage Holder Rack – Handy controller storage system

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No more searching for your game controller! And no more mess around the console video game when controllers are left just anywhere. This Video Game Controller Storage Holder Rack attaches to any flat surface – like walls, desktops, or coffee tables – to secure the controller until it is game time again. Designed with gamers in mind, the futuristic style is great for any decor.

Just flip down the sturdy arm, and hang the controller to keep it handy and out of the way. Easy enough for kids to use and moms love it! Finally, a way to organize the gaming area.

  • Attach to any flat surface – walls, desk, coffee table – near your game system or computer
  • Uses 3M tape to adhere safely and securely
  • Easy to use – just flip down the arm and hang the controller
  • Great for serious gamers, kids, and moms!
  • Organizes the gaming area
  • Looks great! Designed with gamers in mind.

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The Video Game Controller Storage Holder Rack requires 10 weeks from the moment of your purchase to the time of shipment. This lead time includes making moulds, developing the manufacturing profile, making the product, packaging, and preparing bulk shipments.