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Vertical Laptop Stand Holder

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Vertical Laptop Stand Holder – Make more space on your desk

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Store your laptop or tablet standing up on your desk when not in use. This vertical laptop stand holder allows you to stand up your laptop to clear off your desk for more room to study, work, write, draw, or just look so much tidier! Your laptop is safe and secure in this triangular shaped stand for stability.

Exceptional durability. The long-lasting material will hold your tablet or laptop out of the way so you can use your desktop for other things. It keeps your laptop from overheating by making sure the air circulates around it. Ideal for students using texts, especially in dorm rooms with limited desk space. Perfect for executives to clear off their desk during meetings. Get 2! One for home and one for work. Easily stores in a desk drawer.

  • Holds laptops and tablets vertically, standing up to free up desk space
  • Clears desk space for studying, working, writing, drawing or organizing
  • Sturdy construction and stable triangular base construction
  • Keeps air circulating around laptop to eliminate the chance of overheating
  • Small enough to store in a desk drawer when not in use

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The Vertical Laptop Stand Holder requires 10 weeks from the moment of your purchase to the time of shipment. This lead time includes making moulds, developing the manufacturing profile, making the product, packaging, and preparing bulk shipments.