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Easy Back Lotion Applicator

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Easy Back Lotion Applicator – Apply gels, creams, ointments, acne treatments, and moisturizers in hard to reach areas

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This Easy Back Lotion Applicator is designed to easily apply any gel, creams, ointment, lotion, body acne treatment, sunscreen, or moisturizer all over your body. The long 17 inch handle gives you an extended reach to cover even the hardest to reach spots on your back.

The pad does not absorb your lotions, so nothing is wasted. The textured pad holds creams in place so its easy to apply. The durable lotus wood handle will not split or crack and the nonslip textured rubber grip on the handle provides a comfortable, secure grasp. Easy clean with a simple rinse under running water and dry using a towel.

  • Long 17 inch handle
  • Reaches hard to reach areas
  • Doesn’t waste lotion, cream, gel, moisturizer, acne products, etc.
  • Durable lotus wood handle
  • Textured rubber grip
  • Easy clean, just rise and towel dry

The Easy Back Lotion Applicator requires 10 weeks from the moment of your purchase to the time of shipment. This lead time includes making moulds, developing the manufacturing profile, making the product, packaging, and preparing bulk shipments.