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Cotton Ball and Pad Holder

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Cotton Ball and Pad Holder – Handy bathroom storage dispenser

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This super stylish Cotton Ball, Pad and Q Tip Holder is an ideal vanity and bathroom counter top organizer. The modern design with removable lid makes accessing bathroom accessories easy. The round container is great for holding and organizing makeup pads, cotton balls, cotton swabs, cosmetic sponges, cotton swabs and other makeup accessories.

Fill from the top and dispense from the front for easy access. Keep the rest of your supply clean and dry. Made of high quality durable acrylic, so it is safe to use in the bathroom. Elegant design won’t break easily if it falls. Safe for use by children, too.

  • Stylish design
  • Holds cotton pads, balls, swabs and other makeup and bathroom necessities
  • Fill from the top and dispense from the front
  • Keeps supply clean and dry
  • Durable and safe

The Cotton Ball and Pad Holder requires 10 weeks from the moment of your purchase to the time of shipment. This lead time includes making moulds, developing the manufacturing profile, making the product, packaging, and preparing bulk shipments.