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About Hannah Manufacturing

Hannah Manufacturing was started from Mark King's goal to create 5000 American jobs. At age 25, Mark drove across the US to test an early Kimbo Camper prototype. After a prayer by a river in Montana, his life mission was clear; to create 5000 jobs, and save 5000 lives. After launching an outdoor company and an RV company, his focus has committed to creating mobile manufacturing for a generation of workers who want to explore the USA and have a job along the way. Hannah manufacturing is designed to be a mobile product-components distribution facility that gives workers the opportunity to assemble product in their homes.

Hannah was named after Mark's sister, Hannah King.

Mark King has had the opportunity to study at Harvard Business School, as well as at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of business. Hannah Manufacturing is byproduct of that education and the hands on experience of building and

Hannah History of events Interior renovation and design

The Hannah Manufacturing mobile manufacturing facility is a truly revolutionary way to employ US workers. It is designed to be driven to places where work is needed the most, employ hard working people, and increase in quantity as it's presence is accepted. The Hannah Manufacturing facility is a parts distribution center where workers pick up part components and return with finished product that is palletized and shipped to online retailers.

Here are some of our early prototypes and initial development of the Hannah Manufacturing mobile facility

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